Why Beyond the Bricks?

On what I like to call my second official ‘working in the corporate world’ anniversary I was in India…not actually working in the corporate world. I spent two weeks out in Kolkata supporting a great business called Pollinate Energy. I loved every second and met some great people. While I was there a lot of things were put into perspective and a lot of questions brought to light;

what makes you happy? What are your skills? What are your passions? It quickly became apparent that my skills and passions weren’t quite matching up to my day-to-day life so this is why Beyond the Bricks was born.

In the past five or so years of studying and working in the ‘real world’ I realised that I hadn’t done anything creative something that is a passion of mine and something I really enjoy. This made me think and rethink. I decided I needed to tap into my creative side again and try something new, something fun and something I would enjoy dedicating time to. I have a love of home design, fabrics, organisation and cleaning (yes, cleaning) so I set up this blog to document ‘everything home’.

I am no expert in the field and so I am learning too and sharing my experiences with others as I do so. Although my corporate life will continue to develop, I now have the comfort of knowing that I am also developing the skills and passions I have had since a young age. I hope you enjoy reading my posts much as I enjoy creating them. Happy browsing!

Steph x

2 thoughts on “Why Beyond the Bricks?

  1. Hi, Steph: It’s great that you are following after your passion. I don’t like cleaning, but I do like home décor, fabric, design, crafting, and all of those creative ventures.

    I’ve been getting some furniture and stuff painted, hoping to sell them at a yard sale this weekend. I’ll be sure to post what I do to my site tomorrow. I’d love your opinion on what I post!


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