Dinner is served

Having people over for dinner is always more fun for the people who aren’t hosting, right? Well I’ll try and take one stress away and provide some top tips for making your table look great… having a good looking table might mean you can get away with those ‘caramelized’ carrots, no one will notice!

Apart from the obvious (make sure you have your knife and fork on the right side) there are a few things that will make your table look a little more professional. First up napkins. A lot of people don’t use napkins but I always think its best to give your guests the choice, plus they you can easily add a bit of personality to a table with the napkin. I love these floral Liberty napkins; they look even better with a little ribbon tied round them. No need to buy a napkin ring! The cute salt and pepper shakers are from my favourite shop Oliver Bonas. Depending on your overall colour theme use a different ribbon, or combine a few contrasting ones, and your see the table come to life. Alternatively, hair scrunchies (unused ones!) make great napkin holders and come in a huge range of patterns and colours for a fraction of the price!


The overall look of table is dependent on your centerpieces. You could use a nice bouquet of flowers but I find that these will restrict your view across the table. Maybe have the flowers there as your guests arrive and remove them from the table when you’re ready to eat.



Candles will always be my centerpiece of choice. Large or small they will set the mood for the evening and are so easy to get hold of. Candelabras come in all shapes and sizes and I love the stone effect on the candelabra above, you can find similar ones for £39 for two from Cowshed Interiors. For a creative look use a piece of mirror as a centerpiece and place your candles on top of it. The reflections from the flame will keep things interesting and create reflections around the room.


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