Mirror, Mirror

I guess we will never know who really is the fairest of them all but we can keep filling our homes with mirrors in the hope that one day we might find out. Light reflecting surfaces in any form are the (second) best way to bring light to a room and make it appear more spacious.

Aside from admiring ourselves in them mirrors are great for adding depth and new dimensions to a room. No matter how small your single box room, aka large cupboard may be you can enhance it and almost trick people into thinking it could fit double bed in it. Ok, maybe a just a three-quarter but good enough I suppose.

These days mirrors can come in all different shapes and sizes. You can get them to cover a wall completely or add interest instead. Simple laser cut mirrors, which are often very affordable look great when, combined together. I bought my round mirrors from Homebase, they came in a set of five and when combined together create a unique touch and a difference to a standard rectangular mirror. For a good deal have a look on Wayfair’s website too. Whilst you’re online, check out Turbull and Thomas for some interesting designs such as the copper mirror below.


Old, antique mirrors are my favourite. They have so much character and bring life to a room, even in the most modern of houses. Even, if you’re not a fan of the vintage, dusky look you can paint the frames a bright colour and they look just as good. Big mirrors, that look old, can come at a cost if you buy them brand new so try searching in antique shops or at car boot sales for a more affordable one.

Mirrors will work just as well outdoors as they do indoors. Try sprucing up a garden wall or outbuildings by adding mirrors to it. Garden centers will often have a good selection of outdoor mirrors to choose from. I would try to avoid wooden frames and still to metal to avoid rotting.


For something a little different, use a flat mirror to create a vibrant table piece at a dinner table. Place the mirror on the table and cover it in candles and tea lights. The reflections from the flames will echo around the room and will make a show-stopping piece with pure elegance.


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