An air affair

As you’ll all be aware our sense of smell, olfaction if we’re being scientific, is one our five senses and a very important one at that. Our sense of smell, especially in women is very sensitive and so surrounding ourselves in good aromas is important for our wellbeing and home comfort.

When I say good aromas this isn’t me suggesting you go out and buy a plug in air freshener for each room. Although I do like plug-ins they can become overpowering and irritate our sensitive noses if we have too many. Indoor air quality is a hot topic at the moment and air fresheners, particularly spray canisters are impacting on the natural air quality balance in our homes due to the levels of chemicals they may emit. Not only that but they can be detrimental to the environment. So before I go any further, get rid of those canisters!

Water based room sprays

Natural, water based sprays are far better for us and for the environment and smell just as good. Rituals offer an amazing selection of room and bed linen sprays which use natural oils to give them their scent. I like to have citrus based scent for the bathroom to give it that fresh feel, I’m currently using Rituals ‘Happy Mist’ which has hints of orange and cinnamon. For the bedroom I tend to choose calmer bases such as coconut, lavender and fig. The Fresh Fig and Copaiba room and bed spray from Rituals is a winner. Spray this on your sheets half an hour before you go to bed to help you sleep. I also love the White Company’s Pomegranate, Mandarin and Amber home spray.


Reed diffusers

If you’re not keen on sprays you could try reed diffusers, or as I like to call them sticks in water. The read diffusers work best in small rooms and produce a less intense scent than plug-ins. These days you can find reed diffusers for anything up to £50! To me that seems a bit crazy and I find that Air Wick reed diffuser in Crisp Linen and Lilac is the best value for money and leaves a lasting scent, even in large rooms. I also love Rituals Under a Fig Tree, which is a little more expensive but is long lasting. Reed diffusers can easily be knocked over and can look interesting to young children so keep them on a high shelf away from little fingers.



Air purifiers

For an air freshener that does more then try water based air purifiers which will gently give of subtle aromas throughout the day whilst also filtering out any bad chemicals in the air. The purifier, a good example is New Comfort, has a filter within it which removes dust particles and bacteria from the air and then refreshes it with essential oils. Although more expensive than other options, with prices starting at £20, they are doing two jobs at once and can be refilled many times.

Fresh air

If you love smellies as much as I do then I’m sure you have many other scent boosters at home. However, the most important thing to do to refresh the air in your home is to fully aerate it at least once a week. Open all the windows and leave them open for an hour or so allowing any stagnant air to be removed and letting new air flow in. You could do this on a day when the washing is out or when the grass has just been cut to get those fresh, natural smells into your home. You will really notice a difference.


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