Hot wax

I love candles. All shapes, sizes and smells. They make me feel relaxed, calm and zen. Creating space and time where you can appreciate yourself is important. Candles will instantly bring a tranquil atmosphere to your room, hopefully having the same impact on you too!

Use them wisely…always remember to keep them away from your soft furnishings and don’t leave them unattended. Your home is precious and something you want to keep!

Get creative by using candles to create a lovely table-center piece. All you’ll need is jam jars, an old cake board, ribbon and tea lights. Place the three jam jars together and ties them together with the ribbon, I’ve added lace too or you could use string pearls or beads. Lights the tea lights and drop them in the jars once burning or use long matches to avoid sore fingers!


Why not try putting tea lights on a piece of mirror for an alternative look. The reflections of the flame will warm the room. If you have larger candles, let their wax drip onto the mirror for a shabby-chic effect.

Use coloured taper candles (the skinny kind that you most often see in a candelabra) to add vibrancy to a room in small doses. I love these pink candles, from Tiger, which brighten the mantle piece. Although these candles may not be the safest because they can easily be knocked over (ALERT), they do look great on a dinner table and are often the best value for money. If you don’t have a candelabra or holder then try spray painting glass bottles and then stick the candle in the top- let the wax drip for ultimate impact. For block candles, combine different sizes and hues together on a tray.



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