Great walls of fire

Wallpaper is a wonderful thing. Many people will shy away from it for fear of putting it up right, fear of it peeling off or just because they don’t know what prints will work in their room. Well not I… or you!

Nowadays you can get wallpaper in all sorts of patterns and prints. Look online and you’ll find you can even get velvet and glittery wallpaper… Maybe not for everyone! When you’re picking your wallpaper it’s important to pick your print wisely because once it’s on it can be a pain to remove. Below are some things you might like to consider before you buy:

  • Print size- if you are covering more than one wall go for a smaller print
  • Print repetition- you’ll need to match each strip of paper with the next so make sure you buy more paper than you think you need
  • Samples- most retailers will provide samples for you to try at home
  • Colour- dark wall papers can fade over time so try to put it on walls that aren’t in direct sunlight
  • Time- set aside a chunk of time to paper your walls, it takes time and can be frustrating but your patience will pay off!

Here are some of my favourite papers. I hope you feel inspired to try some papering yourself and if you spot any you like on here find links for them in the ‘shop’ tab.


This birds on a wire paper from John Lewis is quirky and adds a sense of fun to a room. The subtle colours make it easy to coordinate with furniture and soft furnishings. Use up-lighting to draw your eye to it.


I love this feather wallpaper. It is so vibrant and bright and brings excitement to a room. This print is very bold so I would just stick to it on one wall and paint the rest a calm colour such as this duck egg blue.


This marble effect wall paper  from Ballard Designs is so elegant. The gold and creams compliment each other well and reflect the light subtly to add sparkle. You could use this on more than one wall but I like it as a feature piece.


This fun print from the Scion collection (find it in John Lewis) is great for children’s bedrooms. It comes in different colour ways and you can buy matching duvet sets, cushions and blinds too if you want to go all out.


This floral wall paper from Laura Ashley will shimmer in the light and adds subtle warmth and interest to a wall. The muted palette allows you to be bolder elsewhere using bright colours in soft furnishings instead.




2 thoughts on “Great walls of fire

  1. Hi, Steph! I really like the bird print wallpaper because of the lime green. My mom-in-law would really love it because she collects bird knick-knacks.

    I’ll admit, I’m a little bit intimidated about putting up a wall of wallpaper, but it seems as though wallpaper is growing in popularity in home décor. I may have to give it a try!


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