The urban industrial look

The urban industrial look is rising and becoming a popular theme amongst homeowners old and new. If you’re thinking about having a change and adding a modern twist to your home then this style could be something you consider.

The urban industrial focus is a contrast of warm and raw. Raw materials such as metal, wood and concrete can be teamed with warm colours and soft furnishings to create an up to date and unique style. With the right materials and textures the look is easy to achieve and doesn’t need to cost the earth. I’ve set out a few ideas to get you thinking about what might work for you.

Textured Walls

Go bold by stripping back the wallpaper and having a rough textured wall in your home. If you’re lucky enough to have a bare brick wall already then keep it! The colour and texture of the brick will add unique interest and can be softened with warm up-lighting and pot plants. If you like this idea but aren’t willing to strip back the paint then go for brick effect wallpaper. I love Wilko’s Fresco Red Brick wallpaper at £8 a role- it looks like the real thing! Alternatively try a wood paneling wallpaper such as Driftwood wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper online.




Raw Materials

The materials you chose will really add to the urban industrial theme. Try coppers, concrete, untreated wood and rustic glass. The metal and mirrored desk from Crown French Furniture is modern but the studded detail adds an urban twist. Enhance your storage using old wooden boxes or buy them from stores such as The Basket Company, who have a huge range and some with vintage prints on them. For a natural twist use these boxes to plant house plants in.




Keep a look out for urban industrial style lighting. Use warm orange tinted bulbs, not those with stark white light so as to keep your room welcoming. The black tripod light from Dunelm can be harsh but when teamed with soft natural wallpaper looks really elegant. For a more ‘out there’ light the Wayfair Light Globe Pendant is super stylish and unique. If this is for you then let it take centre stage and pair back other accessories.




For your colour theme I would tend to stick to light pastels, olives and soft greys. Your accessories and texturing will do the work for this look so let bright coppers and silver touches stand out. Remember to keep the look homely by adding soft throws, lots of cushions and fresh plants around the room. With all that in place your home will be sure to wow your guests!


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