Sleep Dreams

Your bed is a private place and somewhere that you should be able to escape to and truly relax. If you are going to spend a bit of time and effort in making a room look and feel good then do so in the bedroom. After all, you might spend most of your time in there, even if your eyes are shut!

Aside from having a comfortable mattress, pillows that you sink into and the right duvet thickness having a bed that looks appealing is also important for a good nights sleep. I’m sure you’ll agree that there is a nothing nicer than clean sheets… especially when they look as good as they make you feel. Below I will share with you some ideas that will make your bed look extra special and at the same time make you feel extra special when you jump into it!



Nothing says luxury like a tonne of carefully placed cushions displayed on a bed. If you can be bothered to spend a minute everyday arranging them then they will add some depth and warmth to your bed. Chose cushions of different size and texture- some sequin, some cotton, some with embellishment to enhance the look and help make the bed look like a million dollars. I am in love with these marble effect velvet cushions from Oliver Bonas, which come a range of colours and have a touch of metallic sparkle!



Personally I would tend to gravitate towards plain linens- sheets, duvet covers and pillow sets. Fabric that’s are rich in cotton are best for bed linen as they wont be sweaty and will be kind to your skin. Plus they are easy to wash and often don’t need ironing! Using plain linen is so versatile and can be used over and over regardless of your interior decor. Neutral colours and patterns allow you to use more creative cushion designs and throws else where on the bed. You can change these too depending on your mood. TK Maxx has a huge selection of throws for discount prices.


Head Board

Choosing the right bed is important. However, if you already have a bed and don’t want to buy a new one then a wall-mounted headboard might be what you need to enhance the bed. These headboards have become increasingly popular recently and they are so easy to put up and give an instant result. Make sure your headboard is going to be a style you will like for a while so spend some time shopping about. Dunelm, Dreams and Sharps all have a good selection and will do home delivery. I prefer warm colours and padding in a headboard so you can sit up in bed in comfort. However, you may prefer wood or harsher materials, which could look equally as stylish- check out the urban industrial blog post for some tips!

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