Feature Walls

There is no better way to add impact to your home than using feature walls. A feature wall is there to stand out and create focus in a room. They should be bold and eye catching and most importantly a feature wall should be a reflection of your style and personality.

Whether you decide to use paint or wall paper, or both if you’re feeling brave then let the wall do the hard work and allow it to truly impress your visitors. I’ve chosen some of my favourite feature walls below and will take you through how to get the look yourself.



Floral papers come in a huge range of styles from ditzy to elegant and bold. I love this wallpaper’s metallic sheen which adds a touch of glamour and luxury to the bedroom. Other items in the room are kept low key with minimal or no pattern, this allows the wall to take centre stage and the up-lighting from the lamps adds to this effect.



Adding a theme to a room using a feature wall is easy. For a child’s bedroom or a spare room why not add a sports themed feature wall using repeat pattern wallpapers. The overall pattern may not be obviously sporty but the close up print will work well. I love these golf and boating themed papers which are stylish and fun. The golf club wallpaper is called Minature Golf Wallpaper from Thibaut and a version of the boating wallpaper is called Sail Away from Fashion Wallpaper online.



Feature walls with a natural theme will brighten up a room and help to make it feel fresh. Natural shapes make great patterns and look great in bright colours. Feathers, leaves and insects make great themes for a feature wall. This dragon fly wallpaper from Matthew Williamson is my favourite. Using it in a downstairs toilet adds interest to an otherwise uninspiring room and the gold shimmer makes the room appear a little larger and lighter.


This night themed forest wallpaper from Anthropologie is gorgeous. It is subtle yet eye catching and the neutral colours allow you to use bright colours else where such as these bright pink pom poms from sheer luxe online.

Two feature walls

To use two feature walls I suggest using one wall in bright paint and another with a geometric wall paper. The colours should compliment each other but that doesn’t mean they have to be the same. The gold and coral in this open plan living room work so well and add zing to the room. The wallpaper is Pisani from the Designers Guild and the paint is Coral Flair from Dulux!

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