Small Spaces

Does your house have that small and unusable space that you don’t know what to do with? It may be by the stairs, under a slanted roof or on the landing. In new build houses architects will often try to develop these areas by making them into useful storage areas. However, if you find you have a little space like this don’t just let it be a corner for hoarding your junk, make use of it!

There are some great ideas, which can make un-usable spaces usable. It might be as simple as some interesting lighting, so simple and easy.

Why not make these spaces an area where you share your most treasured moments in photo frames. The space below links two rooms together and is too small to make proper use of. The owners have chosen to add their photographs and favourite art pieces together to make a gallery. By adding a chair the area could be used as a place of calm where you could read and relax.


As above, a chair has been used below to make a landing area in a converted attic into an appealing place to sit. The low roof makes the area difficult to use but the chair joins the space together and makes it a place of its own and not just a corridor or walk through. The gorgeous chair is from Alexander and Pearl and adds a touch of glam to the area. The reflecting and shiny surfaces and materials help brighten the area. Keep your walls as bright as possible – I would go for a fresh white coat.


The space below is in a downstairs hallway and is as a result of the figuration of the stairs. Adding a ‘half’ table such as this one from The French Bedroom Company is a great space saving feature and is also a useful place to keep keys and other things you might need to grab before leaving the house. The warm lighting (pacific lifestyle .co.uk) and decorative mirror make the area visually pleasing and as before the use of photos make it personal and welcoming.


If your space is slightly bigger then you could use the area as a miniature office or work space. You can find space saving desks that will fold away on Ikea or go for a larger desk if you can fit it in. Keep the area tidy if it is in a place where people will talk past. Having clutter will make the area seem smaller and more cramped!


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