Country Cottage Cosy

Whether you live in the countryside or not you can make the country cottage style work for you. It’s all about warm colour palettes, rustic materials, classic patterns and plenty of throws and cushions. The look will give your home a cosy feel and can be made even more homely with an open fire or log burner.

If you’re starting from scratch then stick to traditional furniture with button detailing, wooden and leather accents and pieces with earthy tones e.g. reds, greens and browns. You may already have a few key pieces which you can work with such as an armchair. By simply adding a cushion with a classic motif and a chunky tartan blanket it could instantly create that warm farmhouse feel you’re after.

When choosing a bed for a country cottage feel I think cast iron beds work best. The raw metal feel contrasted with the delicate shapes on the bed stand work well and are timeless and traditional. Team your bed with white embroidered sheets and pick a wallpaper which will stand out with a natural theme. I love this William Morris inspired ‘Bird Cage’ wallpaper Designer Wallpapers online.


Alternatively for bedding and other soft furnishings try tartan for a more stand out look. Highland inspired tartan paired with chunky knit throws and wool mixed blankets instantly adds a cosy countryside feel to any room. Keep other colours muted to keep the look traditional and simple.


For your furniture look for rustic woods and other natural materials such as cast iron. Untreated wood adds an ‘outside’ edge to your style and brings nature into your home. Buff up old furniture with sandpaper to give it that extra rough look and go for chunky shapes and oak woods for a farmhouse feel.


Add some antique accessories to your home for that add country feel. Using simple lighting such as this hanging low drop lantern and vintage looking accessories can add interest and warmth to a room. I love this giant clock from Alexander and Pearl. Again keep your materials muted and colour palettes calm. Instead of using fresh flowers why not pot up a small indoor plant as a table decoration- it will last longer and add to the country vibe.


Pick some key pieces to show case this theme. I love this dog tooth arm chair complete with bird print cushion. Next have a large selection of arm chairs and can be covered in a selection of fabrics. Upholstered arm chairs work so well for this farm house theme and will add a touch of heritage.


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