Magic Metallics

For those with a love of metallic there are so many options to use these shiny hues in your home. From lampshades to cooking utensils and mirrors to cushions you can accentuate metallics in many ways.

The key colours in the metallic collection are bronze, copper, silver, gold and rose gold. I love them all and they can work well together too. Some shades are more vibrant than others, for example, gold is more intense than copper so be careful not to over do it. To get the metallic look right for you I have put together some ideas on how you could use them in your home.


Lampshades and side lighting can be a great way to incorporate metallics into a room. The light itself will accentuate the finish and will give off a warm glow. Below are a selection of my favourite metallic lampshades. B and M Stores and Oliver Bonas have a range of copper wire lights like the one below. You can find the nautical style orb light from Ali Express online.



As with lighting the use of mirrored glass will add greater impact those metallic hues. Look for mirrors with thick frames so you can really make use of the metals. You can now get rose gold tinted glass which I love. Adding metallics into your home this way is super modern and looks fab! Try Not on the Highstreet for a good range.



Bowls, baskets, cutlery, crockery and bedding are all great ways to add some metallic hints into your home. Adding gold touches to your linens will instantly make a home feel sumptuous. Cushions are so easy to get hold of and can be bought within a budget so maybe start we these to see if this style is right for you.

Add some shine to your chairs and table accessories. This rose gold chair and the role gold baskets are bang on trend and will keep your home feeling modern and unique. I love how the silver cushion has been added to the chair for that extra ‘wow’ factor.


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