Modern Rustic

The modern rustic look is perfect for homes with some original character, for example, open wood floor boards, beams or decorative fire places. The style is simple and chic and carries an element of log cabin come beach hut with it. Focus on natural materials and not the most perfect pieces of furniture.

If you have old bits of furniture lying about then you can really work them into this style by scuffing them up a little and adding something modern and cosy along side it. Below are some top tips to achieve the ultimate modern rustic style.

Stick to natural colours. Stone colours- browns, greys and whites will lend themselves to this look and keep the room looking fresh. If you have old floorboards which your not keen on then painting them a shade of pale grey will really enhance them and lighten a room. With your accessories and walls use these calming colours too.


Utilise raw natural materials. Instead of keeping your logs outside why not bring them inside. Logs and wood have a lot of character and look great stacked in a fireplace. Add some fairy lights in between them or spray paint them gold for that extra sparkle and to add that modern twist.


Make use of wicker in your home as well. You can get wicker chairs, wicker bedside tables, wicker wall hangings… the list goes on. Wicker isn’t too expensive and so you’ll often find some great prices. I love natural wicker and wicker with a lick of rustic white paint. This gorgeous ‘antler’ mirror is from Walnut and Weave.


Add warm lighting. To avoid the style looking cold add some warm lighting to the room. Try adding lighting behind pictures and mirrors with simple fairy lights or add lamps with interest such as pendant lights or letter lights.

Use a few key pieces. Find some key pieces of furniture to pull the look together. Look out for rustic wood items such as this fabulous french inspired chest of drawers or this white painted bed frame. For smaller items get your hands on some stone coloured mirrors and pictures frames.


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