Tropical prints- top picks!

Tropical prints are bang on trend for 2017 and are here for the long haul with their timeless fun and colour. I have seen so many amazing uses of the style recently, in shops and in homes so I decided to give the low down on my top favourites. Get to the shops asap, these prints are set to be sell outs and will give your home some va va voom!

1.The Palm Tree print – Next Home

I love this sumptuous and elegant palm tree print which is £15 a roll from Next home. The deep blue hues combined with the bright green add depth to the print and make it really stand out. The dark nature of this print may not appeal to all but will really add wow factor to a room. For those who like the print but want to hold back on the dark colours check out Next’s lamp shade print with white background instead.



2. The grey ‘palm jungle’ – Cole and Son

Similar to the Palm Tree print from Next but much less bold is the beautiful Cole and Son ‘Palm Jungle’. This print comes in a range of colour ways but my favourite is the grey hue which is very versatile and easy to match with colours you may already have in your home. I would suggest adding a bold colour burst in a large piece of furniture such as a chair or sofa. Colours that will add the most effect and bring out the best in this print include berry shades, teals and mustards.


3. The Pretty Flamingo – on sale at Laura Ashley

For a fancy print and a pretty colour at a bargain price I love the Pretty Flamingo which is currently on sale in Laura Ashley at only £12 a roll! The dainty print is perfect for a bedroom or bathroom and will add warmth and fun to your home. As this repetition of the print is large i would suggest limiting to this print to two walls, or maybe go for one wall and get the duvet set to go with it!

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 19.55.02.png

For an alternative Flamingo print check out B&Q Pink Flamingo Mica wallpaper.

4. The Parrots by Albany- Wallpaper Direct

This final print is not for the faint hearted. It is bold, bright and absolutely fantastic! If you are brave enough then i say go for it. There is nothing that will show off a room as much as this print- it is perfect for a feature wall. At £18 a roll it isn’t the cheapest but choosing carefully where you use the print you may only need to use a small amount for maximum impact. Good luck and have fun bringing the tropics indoors!

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 19.58.21.png

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