Five steps to Skandi

Winter maybe officially over but I dont believe that should stop us from taking design inspiration from our Scandinavian neighbours over in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Skandi design has become ever popular for its simple colour schemes, high functionality and endless versatility.

The style is easy to achieve with a few steps and can be cosy in winter with thick knits and fur and fresh in summer with green plants and white surfaces.

1. Colour palette

Skandi design is based on a colour palette that is predominantly neutral and fresh. If your choosing to paint your walls I love the Dulux ‘Neutrals’ range which covers every white, cream and beige shade you could imagine. My favourites from the set are ‘Kitten White’, ‘Modern Luxury’ and ‘Song Porcelain’. To achieve the best skandi look don’t be afraid to use pale greys too such as ‘Calluna’ from Farrow and Ball. A word of caution, if you decide to go for white I would suggest painting at least one wall off white otherwise you may find the room a little stark and clinical.


2. Furniture

Wood and white are the go to buzz words for furniture and even better when used together. Look for furniture with light coloured wooden legs and a white base such as the fab £50 rocking chair further from Fusion Furniture. I love the Ercol style which goes so well with Skandi living, these wood and white nest tables are perfect for the look. This ‘Luna’ grey sofa from Hatfields fits the style perfectly too.


3. Soft furnishings

Despite its simplicity Skandi design is all about accessories and their placement around the home. Fur is the most obvious and traditional material to go for because of the Scandinavian culture and seasons. You can often pick up sheepskin rugs from your local butcher, I am not an advocate for real fur but knowing that all of an animal can be used and not just its meat makes me feel a little better. I really like this £35 pale grey rug from John Lewis. For other soft furnishings choose chunky knits for winter and light throws for summer. Check out Dunelm’s bargain chunky knit throw here.


4. Nature

The Scandinavians love being in touch with nature so to get the look right it’s important to bring some of the outside in. If, like me you’re not the best at looking after plants then I suggest you try some small Cacti as they need very little water and look good all year round. I love these mini glass houses from Not on the High Street. For some more nature choose pictures and paintings with a natural theme such as these leaf portraits also from N.O.T.H.S.


5. Light

The final step in the Skandi process is to use natural sunlight to your advantage. Pull your curtains right back using pull ties and let the light flood in. Your fresh, paint and pale furniture will allow the light to bounce all round the room and is bound to bring a smile on your face!


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