Five steps to bedroom heaven

Sleep is often in the media. You can always find an article telling you to turn of your electricals an hour before bed, get 8 hours sleep (no more no less) and avoid big meals before you have your shut-eye.

These are all good things but our bodies are all different and will respond to different things in different ways. Often it is the room you are sleeping in which could have the biggest impact on how you feel after a nights sleep. I have put together five simple steps, which can help transform your bedroom into a place of calm, perfect for drifting off in. These things are EASY, so what are you waiting for?!


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  1. Change your light bulbs

The lighting in your bedroom is very important. When choosing your light bulbs go for warm and yellow tones which will be gentle on the eye and not to ‘white’. You might like to pick eco-bulbs which will gently brighten over time, or if youre willing to invest why not try some mood changing bulbs such as Philips ‘Hue’ Smart Lighting.

It’s also important to prevent unwanted light from coming into your room. Street lights especially can keep you awake at night so don’t forget to invest in some black out blinds or lining for your curtains- you will notice a real difference.



  1. Hide your wires

Getting rid of all electrical items in your bedroom may be a step too far. I enjoy looking at my phone in bed and like to listen to the radio in the morning. So, instead of taking everything out of your bedroom at least try to hide those wires! Wires look messy and don’t add to the tranquil and calm vibes you are perhaps trying to aim for. If you have lots lying about head down to your local hardware store for some wire tidies. B and Q have everything you need!


  1. Wash your sheets

Perhaps an obvious one? But hey, when you’re busy and have lots on your sheets can easily go too long without being washed. That clean sheet feeling and those puffed up pillows will do wonders for your sleep and will automatically make you feel relaxed. I suggest washing your sheets every 10 days to 2 weeks and if your linens are a few years old then why not treat yourself to a new set?


  1. Declutter

As with wires, a cluttered bedroom is a cluttered mind. The most important place to declutter is your bedside cabinet. As a general rule you should have a maximum of five items on there and that includes your light and your phone! Remove those notes you were writing for work or that old mug of tea and give your bedside table a spring clean. After all is often the first thing you see when you wake up and no one wants to start their day with mess!


  1. Use calming aromas

I am a sucker for anything that smells good. I love scented candles and always have a reed diffuser in my bedroom slowly giving off calming aromas. Choose scents with comforting and peaceful bases such as lavender, cedar and bergamot- I love the ‘This Works Sleep Heavenly’ Candle from John Lewis. If you struggle to sleep it might help to add a few drops of pure lavender oil to the topside of your bed sheets or for a more homely smell look for fresh linen aromas. Always blow out your candles before falling asleep and let the air slowly send you to dream land.



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