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The best indoor plants

It is no secret that a small plant can instantly freshen up a home and bring some clean air to a room. However, many people these days are afraid of bringing something green and leafy into their home for fear it might lead to more bugs or because they don’t have the knowledge or time to look after it. If you’re one of these people then hopefully the pointers below can change your mind. With these no fuss, but maximum joy plants it really isn’t too tricky to bring the outside in and with any luck they’ll compliment the decor… double win!

Succulents and Cacti

These little things are the go to plant at the moment. They are everywhere and not without reason. Both succulents and Cacti require VERY LITTLE care. By that I mean maybe water them once every week… but if you forget they probably won’t die. Secondly they come in a range of colours, sizes and shapes meaning they are interesting to look at work well when put together. My tips for you are:

  1. Don’t over water – and when you do soak them and let the water drain away
  2. Look for a terrarium to plant them in – bang on trend right now. I like this Oliver Bonas one
  3. Keep by a window sill for maximum sunlight

Best places to buy succulents and catci:

  • Ikea for their cheap and cheerful £2 selection
  • NOTHS for their cute pots and even cuter mini cacti



Leafy plants are likely to be the biggest of what plants would want to have in your home and they will keep growing if you let them. My two favourites and most easiest plants to grow inside of this variety are the Swiss cheese Plant (named for their holey leaves!) and the Indoor palm. Both will really improve the air quality in your home and will look great in a living room, bathroom or conservatory. My top tips are:

  1. Trim them every so often to avoid them overgrowing
  2. look in your local garden sales centre for large pots to put them in
  3. Use a rich compost with lots of nutrients to keep them healthy

Best places to buy leafy plants:


Herbs obviously have double value because they look good and taste good too. You can find pre potted herbs in most supermarkets and with a water every few days they could last you a few years. I think bunching herbs into an old rustic box or crate and keeping in your kitchen is the best way as they are easy to hand in the kitchen and can’t get over grown. My tips for you are:

  1. Go for herbs that grow well inside e.g. Parsley, Thyme, Oregano, Basil
  2. Put them somewhere where they will get at least 4 hours of sun each day
  3. keep rosemary separate as it prefers drier soil

Best places to buy herbs:



My top choice for any floral indoor plant would always be an orchid. They are the most chic plant around and come in amazing colours which can suit any home. Orchids can range in price often up to £60 for a multi-stem plant. For your first, try a single stem and keep it in a pot which the water can drain away from. It will flower for up to half a year if looked after properly. My tips:

  1. Don’t throw away an orchid once it has stopper flowering… it will grow back after a few months
  2. Use sticks and hair clips to stop the stem from flopping over
  3. place by a north or east facing window to avoid direct sunlight

Best places to purchase Orchids:

  • M and S  for their range of colours and flower pots
  • Aldi for their value range and mini orchids


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