Small Spaces

Does your house have that small and unusable space that you don’t know what to do with? It may be by the stairs, under a slanted roof or on the landing. In new build houses architects will often try to develop these areas by making them into useful storage areas. However, if you find you have a little space like this don’t just let it be a corner for hoarding your junk, make use of it! Continue reading “Small Spaces”


Feature Walls

There is no better way to add impact to your home than using feature walls. A feature wall is there to stand out and create focus in a room. They should be bold and eye catching and most importantly a feature wall should be a reflection of your style and personality.

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Sleep Dreams

Your bed is a private place and somewhere that you should be able to escape to and truly relax. If you are going to spend a bit of time and effort in making a room look and feel good then do so in the bedroom. After all, you might spend most of your time in there, even if your eyes are shut!

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The urban industrial look

The urban industrial look is rising and becoming a popular theme amongst homeowners old and new. If you’re thinking about having a change and adding a modern twist to your home then this style could be something you consider.

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Time to get personal

Your home can be made personal to you with the things you collect throughout your life. It can also be made personal using monograms, names and letters. Light up letters, wooden letters and metal letters are all on trend at the moment and can be used to decorate walls or enhance shelving units.

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An air affair

As you’ll all be aware our sense of smell, olfaction if we’re being scientific, is one our five senses and a very important one at that. Our sense of smell, especially in women is very sensitive and so surrounding ourselves in good aromas is important for our wellbeing and home comfort.

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Mirror, Mirror

I guess we will never know who really is the fairest of them all but we can keep filling our homes with mirrors in the hope that one day we might find out. Light reflecting surfaces in any form are the (second) best way to bring light to a room and make it appear more spacious. Continue reading “Mirror, Mirror”


Dinner is served

Having people over for dinner is always more fun for the people who aren’t hosting, right? Well I’ll try and take one stress away and provide some top tips for making your table look great… having a good looking table might mean you can get away with those ‘caramelized’ carrots, no one will notice!

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